Monday, January 14, 2008

happy birthday

his scratchy
scruffy chin
prickles when
he kisses

he rests in a
hospital bed
belly incision taped
blue and purple framed

i watch male nurse
plunge needle
beside belly button
med keeps blood thin

i hold my breath
tears blind my eyes
days of heated anger
love denied

it is a week later
his day of birth
oakland naval hospital
january 14, 1945

he was an unsuspecting
gift then
his life with me
a treasured gift now

happy birthday


Stephen Morse said...

Thank you, Judy

This poem shows the rest of the world what I know so well. You make even the painful moments worth remembering.


barbara hilal said...

Such a warm tribute
He is my father in poetry birthing a rebel child from his head like in mythology...