Monday, June 30, 2008

in my head

lick my fingers
popcorn and
bullets break
where smells of
in toilet
of cheerios
with bananas
by monkey
around missiles
with germs
by children
dull eyes, twisted mouths
misshapen arms and legs
to table
covered in
carrying sticks,
body bones
lips smack

Saturday, June 28, 2008

fond memories

red stained fingers
eating raspberries
8 cents a carton
cold raspberry lemonade
Celie, Pauline, Sophie
in the heat of the day
open blouses
Rome smiles
cool breeze on lake
stringers of fish
umm - crispy fish tails
baskets of fresh vegetables
Sophie, Susie, Pauline
at picnic table
tearing rags
making rugs
german words
huge elm tree
days of reading
fond memories

Thursday, June 26, 2008


made the best cream peas on toast
fried corn meal mush with fresh maple syrup
tapped from ancient maple trees in yard
where brothers and sisters slept out drunken stupors
at yearly summer gathering of relatives


sewed a purple coverlet and bed ruffle
for my bedroom with white wallpaper
decorated with lavender
lilacs pungent aroma seeped through a window
while I rested and waited for shooting stars


told junior high school principal
that her daughter took a bath at home
did not need a shower at school
where students
stole her clothes and hid them


reported Judo instructor
who spent a great deal of time
on top of
during evening lessons


did cart wheels in the grass
stood on her head against our house
played baseball at family gatherings
told the best "dirty" jokes
heard at community senior center


is missed

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

earth child

he lives in dark
dank earth
under a lake

he listens
to cries
shrill in the

he watches
jubilant children
jump and romp
in cool lake

he remembers
the woman
who gave
him a home

she's dead
and buried

~first appeared in Mystery Island Publications

Saturday, June 21, 2008

In Honor of Dick

red shoes
tapping their way
to conception
a postal carrier
plants kisses on cheeks
purple carnations
between sweet moist lips

those ruby red shoes
dance your way
into mists of
90's Queens
sequined breasts
glittered crotches

I love your red shoes

Friday, June 20, 2008

Grandma Sophie

fried sunfish
and crappies
in smokehouse
on cast iron
wood stove

(jaws of stove spewing red,
skin prickly fire)

pale pink apron
soft breasts under
gingham checked
house dress

(her softness cradled my head while lullabies sung
held destined dreams)

she produced
overflowing platters
of fish with
fresh baked

(warm yeasty aroma of bread from oven, dripped butter,
pushed fish bones down throats)

grandpa rome
sons, grandsons
daughters, granddaughters
waited in

(crisp skinned fried fish, potato chip crunchy fish tails,
mouth watering tender meat)

picnic table
under mammoth
elm tree
we ate

(effervescent lightening bugs illuminate our feast
on sultry summer evening)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Drawing By Willow E. Morse
June 2008

here he comes, yesterday (a tribute to j.rees)

here he comes
man with neon shoes
embroidered letters
on his jacket

here he comes
energetic thought-provoking man
fingered volt
to his brain

sensibilities into
glass tubes
shot with argon and mercury

here he comes
with yesterday in his pocket

here he comes
philosophizing of ME
written on
brick walls

here he comes
making films
of canned coffee
and yesterday

here he comes
perpetuating now
tomorrow genuflecting to dope man
burning incense before rock-out star

here he comes
pinching gentle ladies rumps
ripping open
his silk shirt

exposing gorgeous chest
to drool over
still in his pocket

here he comes, yesterday

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

granddaughter sits on stool
watches hole
cut in ice
of frozen lake
nose is red
mittens caked
with ice and snow

grandpa rome sits on stool
watches hole
cut in ice
of frozen lake
tells his granddaughter
"Don't talk - it will scare the fish."
he chuckles
tells granddaughter stories

granddaughter stands up
bladed shoes
buckle against ankles
gingerly she takes steps
away from hole in ice
falls forward
on frozen knees

grandpa rome drops
dangling fish pole
stands up
hurries to granddaughter
helps her stand
returns to stool

granddaughter glides
around hole
in ice
crouches down
looks for fish
grandpa rome tells her
"Don't pee in the hole - it will scare away the fish."
both sit on stools
and chuckle

Monday, June 16, 2008

Drawing by Willow E. Morse
May 2008

beat me
with butterfly wings
i taste the pollen
under a hot sun

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Red Convertible
Drawing by Willow E. Morse
June 2008


what would you do if
given a RED 12 cylinder JAG
to drive from Atlanta to LA
where you have to give it up
even though it's not yours

you really don't want it
but push a button
doors lock
windows go up

all programmed previously
as you drive through Alabama
Louisiana, Texas
houses scattered
along roadside

deteriorating shacks
people live within
you drive on and on
higher and lower

pushing RED JAG
to speeds amused
stopping to take pictures
beside the road

cotton pickers
in sweat soaked shirts
from sun percolating
on hot dusty fields
you feel so bad

but continue to
Texas where you
join a party with
red-neck long hairs
who bogart two joints

throughout night
booze trickles
down your forehead
dropping on nose
of beautiful girl who kisses you

she climbs with you
into RED JAG
tearing out into darkness
on dirt roads
making doughnuts

back and forth
laughing as windows
go up and down
early sun glows
RED JAG stops

doggone y'all
thing done died
it's under warranty

it's grand
it's a 12 cylinder RED JAG
that can no longer
pass through homeless people
drunken indians

just as you learned
the programmed
window pattern


In Honor of Jill and Joe
Oakland, CA (1975)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Moon, Stars, and Big Dipper
Drawing by Willow E. Morse
May 2008

shooting stars
are magical

a glaring streak
across damp night darkness

lying on my back
in wet summer grass

after a rain shower
as a child I watched and watched

for shooting stars
I pressed anxious eyelids

so tightly I saw
their streaks

in my mind
my eyes closed

I made tails and balls of fire
more intense

it has been a long, long time
since I have seen a shooting star

but the magic
returned not long ago

driving back on a cold
glistening freeway

a long bright flash was seen
in suddenly cleared skies ahead of me

excitement swelled in my throat
as I shouted "a shooting star"

my son in the back
seat asked, "What's that, Mom?"

I explained the magical feeling
of nights in years past

"Like when you hold your eyes
tight, Mom, is that a shooting star?"